Craft Beer Near Me–a Guide to Finding Local Breweries, Brewpubs, and Taprooms

Craft Beer Near Me–a Guide to Finding Local Breweries, Brewpubs, and Taprooms

Craft beer has become an important staple of most metro areas within the last several years. Considering the variety of breweries and styles to choose from, it can be helpful to have tools that assist in not only finding craft beer, but deciding which establishments may be best suited to your individual tastes. BeerMaps is the ultimate tool to give beer drinkers constant variety and new experiences by helping them continually locate new places to hang out and try new kinds of beer. BeerMaps is like being able to find directions instantly, but most importantly all of the destinations serve beer!

BeerMaps is also a hub for professional development for those who run businesses that serve and create craft beer. There are sections to help with running promotions and advertising while finding the right customers to bring into your venue. BeerMaps offers special tools to help create long-lasting partnerships and successful eventsin the craft beer industry.

Using Beermaps

To get started, users can go to the site and find the search box that asks you “what” kind of venue to find and “where” the user is currently located. So they can just type in the name of a city or zip code along with what type of beer place they are looking for such as a taproom, brewery, or tavern. Next, the map will display the results in the area along with all of the selected venues that match the criteria within a radius of between 5 and 50 miles. The page also displays an option for directions right on the same results page. The interface is simple to use and comparable to many other programs users are already relying on to find other kinds of destinations.

This is especially useful for traveling or planning vacations to new areas where people may not know how to find high quality beer or how to get there quickly.

Get more specific

Searches can be further refined by checking boxes on the results page for places that have a full bar, wine, patio seating, food trucks, cornhole boards, pet areas, smoking areas, and a number of options relevant to the experience at the brewery or taproom. The map results will only display those venues that match the checked boxes when using this feature. Refining the search for these specific details can become especially important in larger cities that have a number of competing venues. This allows users to only visit locations that coincide with their needs and expectations, while not wasting time or money only to find that they need to travel somewhere else.

Other features

Beermaps gives users access to a number of other beer related actions other than just finding a place on a map. Users can leave reviews of the places they visit to share information with others about their experiences. Owners of places that serve beer can also get listed on the site for free when they join and set up an account. The site provides a high level of interactivity among the local beer drinking community and a convenient gathering place for both casual drinkers, beer enthusiasts, and business owners.

Local Deals and Events

It is common for beer drinking venues to host live music performances, highlight a certain brewery, or have sales on discounted beer through promotions such as happy hour. BeerMaps assembles all of these happenings in one place under the “For Beer Lovers” heading with separate pages for both local deals and events that allow users to easily find out what is going on near them and view a schedule of upcoming promotions.


Drinkers may come across a new variety of have certain questions about what makes craft beers different from macro brews. Beermaps features an FAQ page that attempts to answer many common questions people will have related to their beer drinking experience. Some people may not know the difference between a wheat beer, stout, and an IPA, or why the alcohol by volume amounts can vary so much in many craft beers. This is the place to find those answers.

The Beer Professional

Some beer lovers decide to turn their love for the beverage into their business as well. That is why offers a separate section for beer professionals in addition to the focus on casual drinkers.

Advertising for Breweries

As the BeerMaps platform grows and becomes to go-to application for beer enthusiasts, breweries and related businesses will want to have a presence on BeerMaps. Advertising on BeerMaps is guaranteed to be a great return on investment because the user base is already qualified in their interest in finding excellent beer and related products. BeerMaps will help with events, promotions, and creating advertising campaigns that work because they only target beer drinkers.

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