Beaver Island Brewing Company

216 6th Ave S, St Cloud, MN 56301
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Like all good things, Beaver Island Brewing Company was conceived over several pints after a night of homebrewing. Co-Founders Nick Barth and Matt Studer shared a passion for local beer, and believe the best beers are the ones that everyone can relate to. Solid. Well-crafted. With a thoughtful twist. Beers that you don’t have to guess what is in your glass, but you’ll sure as hell want to figure it out. And then share one with a friend.

While Nick and Matt loved to brew, and believed they could make pretty decent beer in a garage, they knew a production brewery might be a little out of their wheelhouse. So over a few more pints, the two were able to coax professional brewer and now BIBCo brewmaster Chris Laumb to join the team and craft great local beers. Beers that people don’t just drink – they tell stories.

Location was key. And timing worked out to occupy the storefront of the ever-famous Bo Diddley’s space in downtown St. Cloud. This space was a perfect platform to share our passion with beer brewed with heart, from the heart of MN.

We’re not just here to brew great beer; we’re going to build a better community. So, the same dedication and passion we put into every pint extends to how we give back to the community that has supported us in so many ways. This beer unites us.

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    Search Cannabis Real Estate Listings & Businesses for Sale on 420 Property
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