Cooperage Brewing Company

981 Airway Ct, Santa Rosa, California, 95403
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Cooperage Brewing Company will produce Cellar beers: small batch, artisan, barrel aged sour ales meant for aging as well as more traditional beer styles.
Cooperage Brewing Company will be a production craft brewery and retail Tap Room in Sonoma County, CA. Cooperage Brewing Company will focus on producing two li…nes of beer: Cellar beers: premium, small batch, artisanal, barrel aged sour ales meant for aging and Cultivate: more traditional and everyday drinking ales and lagers. Our goal is to provide our customers with a beer that makes them think. A beer that causes them to stop for a moment to inhale the complex aromas, to allow it to linger just a bit longer in their mouth, to taste the depth of flavor and really want to know what is in there and how its made. We will start small and grow organically at a manageable pace to ensure quality. Cooperage Brewing Company will produce world-class beers and provide a safe and comfortable drinking environment in which one can truly enjoy their beer. We value a properly trained staff, correct glassware, correct serving temperatures, glass/growler rinse, spot on carbonation levels, and a high level of cleanliness.

Listing Type : Brewpub
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Phone : (707) 293-9787
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