Kings & Convicts Brewing Company

523 Bank Ln, Highwood, IL 60040

Kings & Convicts Brewing Co. is a renowned craft brewery situated in Highwood, IL. We specialize in brewing exceptional American-style Pilsners and Ales, incorporating a unique blend of hops from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and England.

Highwood, often referred to as the “Toughest Town in America” by none other than the esteemed President Teddy Roosevelt, boasts a rich history and is perched atop the Skokie ravine, the highest point on Lake Michigan between Chicago and Milwaukee. The town is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, lively bars, and captivating past. It is also home to our brewery, which was established by passionate immigrants.

At Kings & Convicts, we brew our beer with a spirit of liberation, breaking free from the constraints of conventionality and the disdain of oppressive forces. Our inspiration stems from a love for exploration, unforgettable adventures, and the camaraderie fostered by the world of beer. Join us at Kings & Convicts in the Land of the Free!

Visit Kings & Convicts Brewing Company at 523 Bank Ln, Highwood, IL 60040.

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