Kings & Convicts Brewing Company

523 Bank Ln, Highwood, IL 60040

KINGS & CONVICTS BREWING CO. is a craft brewery located in Highwood, IL brewing American style Pilsners and Ales using U.S., Aussie, Kiwi and English hops.

Highwood was called the “Toughest Town in America” by the toughest president in America, Teddy Roosevelt. It sits atop the Skokie ravine, the highest point on Lake Michigan between Chicago and Milwaukee, and is known for its restaurants, bars and colorful history….and a brewery started by immigrants!

Our beer is brewed with a sense of freedom, freedom from the shackles of normalcy or the sneer of an Overlord, the love of travel, great experiences and the brotherhood of beer: Kings & Convicts in the Land of the Free!

Listing Type : Brewery
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